Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising campaigns are at the very heart of any successful online business.

In fact, 79% of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their company and will continue to increase their advertising budget in 2021.

Google Ads is by far the most common form of Pay Per Click advertising being used today, and being Google Partners, this is what we love to focus on.

With over 200 million ad clicks per day on Google, you can imagine the importance of a well-refined Google Ad. You need your advert to stand out from the crowd and engage with your target audience, and your target audience only!

We have focused our efforts over the last 5 years into finding the keys to success using Google Ads, and we reckon we've cracked it!

Our Pay Per Click Services Include:

  • Intensive Competitor Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Ad Copy & Creation

  • Campaign Setup

  • Continual Addition Of Negative Keywords

  • Monthly Reporting

  • High ROAS Strategies

So if you are looking for a professional PPC Ad campaign, then get in touch today.

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What Is PPC (Google Ads) & What Is Our Procedure?

Pay Per Click is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.

This way we can ensure your advert is on the front page of Google for specific search terms that we implement within the first week of research.

Once we have agreed on a monthly ad budget, we will get to work on the competitor & keyword research, which we spend between 5-7 days on. This allows a complete dataset of keywords that we know will and won't work.

As the weeks pass, we will continue to edit and update the ads depending on their performance. Adding negative keywords is absolutely vital to achieving an optimal ROAS, if negative keywords are ignored you will see a slow rise in your Click Through Rate but also a decrease in Conversions.

At the end of each month, we send you a detailed summary of your Google Ads account and everything we have implemented throughout the month. All the important stats will be readily available for you to take in and analyse.

We have achieved at least a 3.5X ROAS with every business we have helped so far, so let us help you next...

Conversion Tracking & Targeted Remarketing.

It is extremely important that results are measurable, if they arent then scalability is near impossible. We will place conversion tracking codes within your website that allow us to see exactly where your clients have come from.

We always mix our ads between targeted ads & brand awareness campaigns, this way your ad is never missed.

Using the data collected from our conversion tracking and various other sources, we are able to retarget potential customers.

We are able to target potential clients that have engaged with our ad but not converted, or visited your website organically and may be persuaded to convert through a paid advert.

We do this up to 30 days after the first engagement from the potential client, just to make sure.

Our Promise Of Scalability

We are so confident in our ability that we can promise you an increase in your ROAS within 3 months, this gives you the foundation for a scalable & profitable business.

If you have any doubts before getting in touch, take a look at our testimonials.

Campaign Monitoring

We monitor your campaigns every day, making sure each ad is performing at its best, and if it's not, we make the necessary changes so it does.

Negative Keywords

We are continually adding negative keywords to our list, that way we can keep our client's ad spend waste to an absolute minimum.

Optimal ROAS

Achieving and maintaining an optimal ROAS is the bread & butter of Google Ads, this allows further investment and complete scalability.

In-Depth Reporting

Our reports are emailed to you via a PDF file on a monthly basis, they contain vital stats and data that we use to optimise your ads. We share all data with you to ensure complete clarity.

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