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LinkedIn Ads

If you are looking to reach a more professional, business-minded audience, LinkedIn Ads are certainly the way to go. Target a niche business audience or appeal to the whole LinkedIn community.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Ads?

If you are looking to reach a more professional and business-like audience then LinkedIn Ads are certainly a great step forward. The demographic of people tends to skew toward the older and more educated audience compared to other social platforms.

There are a variety of targeting techniques you can use to narrow down your audience, much like Facebook and Instagram, but on LinkedIn, you can go through options such as Company Size, Job Title/Function and even Degree Type. So it is fantastic to target a very niche audience.

Studies have found that LinkedIn boasts a higher overall conversion rate than on Google, so if you can use LinkedIn the right way, you certainly have the potential for your advertising efforts to have significant success.

At InSignal Media we have been working with businesses over the last 3 years on LinkedIn Ads, so we have a great understanding of what appeals to certain markets, the types of images/videos work best and also the best way to achieve the most out of your budget.

Types Of Advertising On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a range of 4 advertising types, some very different to the generic types on other platforms.

  • Firstly we have Sponsored Content, which is similar to Facebook in the sense it appears randomly on the feed to your target audience. It is very effective for products/services that are visually appealing.

  • Next, we have Sponsored Messaging, which is highly effective and rather exclusive to Linkedin, which allows some great results. It allows you to directly send a message to a business/individuals inbox, which is by far one of the best ways to get straight in front of their eyes.

  • Text Ads are very popular with businesses looking to get a message or point across to a wide audience, they are cheaper and easier to run than the previous techniques mentioned but can be very effective in the right places.

  • Last but certainly not least is Dynamic Ads. These incorporate personalisation into the ad itself in order to connect with your target audience, they pull information like names and job titles from profiles on the platform, which makes these ads perfect if you are looking for a more personal and intimate approach.

Why Does This Ad  Stand Out?

Using the carousel cards to showcase different areas of the beautiful office is smart. If you have a product/service, you can break them up that way.


Allow your audience to be immersed in your product/brand. 

Image by Laura Davidson

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